Financial 援助 & 奖学金

96% of our students receive aid

财政援助和奖学金是通过一个雄心勃勃的财政援助计划提供的 96% of Eckerd students. Approximately 4800万美元 in financial aid was awarded last year. 援助计划可能包括奖学金、助学金、工作援助和贷款. The average award last year from all sources was $36,000 and the range was from $5,500 to $47,000.

To be considered for all available financial aid, students must apply for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Financial Student 援助 (FAFSA).

财政援助办公室审查结果,并通知学生他们的财政援助奖. 所有奖学金的颁发都是基于学生将作为全日制学生在埃克德学院学习的假设. Awards may be adjusted for enrollment of less than full time. The financial aid award includes all funds that the student is eligible to receive. Any questions, 对财政援助决定的担忧或申诉应直接向财政援助办公室提出.


Office of Financial 援助
4200 54th Avenue South
St. Petersburg, FL 33711
727-864-8334 or

应用ing for 援助

应用ing for 援助

The application process for financial aid is simplified at Eckerd College. 学生 applying for need based funds or student loans only need to complete The Free Application for Federal Student 援助 (FAFSA). The easiest way to submit this application is online at Be certain to request that Eckerd College receives your FAFSA results by listing our institutional code of 001487 on your FAFSA. Your information will usually be sent to Eckerd College within two weeks.

应用ing for financial aid is FREE. Make sure you go to

You will need an FSA ID to give you access to Federal Student 援助 online systems and serve as your legal signature.

New Application Process

Beginning with the 2017-2018 Academic Year, applicants can complete the FAFSA on October 1.  The income report will be for the prior, prior tax year.  For the 2022-2023 FAFSA, the 2020 income is reported.  To simplify the process, we suggest that you use the DATA RETRIEVAL TOOL on the FAFSA, which imports your tax information directly from the IRS.

Helpful Hints

  • Include all colleges you are considering on your FAFSA. 等到你被录取后再申请援助可能会降低你获得援助的机会.
  • Let us decide your eligibility. Some people incorrectly assume that they won’t be eligible, so they do not apply. Let our aid professionals assess what funds you are qualified to receive.
  • Some applications are chosen for verification; check out the 验证 tab above for more information. 核实过程要求埃克德学院通过审查IRS 1040税单来确认FAFSA上报告的信息,或者要求您在FAFSA上使用IRS税务检索工具以及核实工作表. Eckerd College will notify you if your application is subject to verification. Award notifications may be delayed if verification has not been completed.
  • Financial aid is not automatically renewed. A FAFSA must be completed every year.
  • Read all letters or e-mails from the financial aid office. There may be more information that we need from you or your parents. Not providing this to us may delay the review of your application.

The Priority Deadline for FAFSA application is February 1st. Applications are accepted throughout the academic year. 然而, 在2月1日之前收到的申请将获得所有联邦政府的最高考虑, state and institutional funds.

FAFSA分析的财务信息为公平对待所有财务援助申请者提供了基础. This data is used to calculate your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Your EFC is subtracted from the annual cost of attendance to determine your financial need. The Central Processor electronically sends this information to Eckerd College. Estimate your EFC.

财政援助办公室审查结果,并通知学生他们的财政援助奖. 所有奖学金的颁发都是基于学生将作为全日制学生在埃克德学院学习的假设, at least 12 credit hours a semester. Awards may be adjusted for enrollment of less than full time. The financial aid award includes all funds that the student is eligible to receive. Financial aid, excluding Federal Work Study, is disbursed onto the student’s account in two installments. 在秋季和春季学期的注册确认结束后支付. Any questions, 对财政援助决定的关注或上诉,应直接向财政援助办公室

教育部或埃克德学院可能会选择你的FAFSA进行一个名为验证的过程. 审核要求根据FAFSA处理时分配给申请人的类别不同而不同. If your application has been selected, the Office of Financial 援助 will inform you of the documents that need to be submitted. Since requirements vary depending upon the verification category, the forms will not be posted on our website but will be sent to you.

Deadlines for Submitting Documentation

符合佩尔资格的学生必须在学生注册的最后一天或联邦公报公布的截止日期后120天内提交所需的文件, which is earlier.

学生 receiving Federal campus based aid, 联邦直接补贴或无补贴贷款或基于州需要的援助必须在奖学金年度的最后一个出席日期之前提供这些文件. 验证 must be completed before a loan may be certified.

Freshmen and 转移 Residential Applicants

Estimated awards are made to Freshmen and 转移 Residential applicants, who will begin attendance in the 秋季学期 or Fall Semester. 学生, who have not completed verification, 不接受任何联邦援助,不允许开始工作学习就业. Eckerd College requests that required documents be received no later than September 30th, unless the individual has been granted a tax extension. After this date, 联邦佩尔助学金和联邦校园助学金以及基于需求的州助学金将被取消.

The Federal Pell Grant will be reinstated upon the completion of verification. Federal campus based and state need based awards will be reinstated if funds are available.

Consequences of Not Meeting Deadlines

With the exception of Freshmen and 转移 Residential Applicants, 在核实完成之前,学生不会获得联邦或基于需求的经济援助. Federal campus based funds and state need based funds are limited. Funds will not be set aside for applicants who have not completed verification.

When a student is chosen for verification after an award has been made, the undisbursed amount of the award will be canceled until verification has been completed.

Freshmen and 转移 Residential students, who do not provide the verification documents, will have awards canceled on September 30th. 学生 will be responsible for any balance due to the college.

Correction Procedures for 学生

Upon completion of verification, the Office of Financial 援助 will send all corrections to the Central Processing System. 学生 are not required to make these corrections.

经济援助奖项可以根据学术进展或持续的经济需要而更新. A FAFSA application is required annually for need-based financial aid.

Eckerd College Merit Awards and Eckerd College Grants

Renewable for up to four years. 学生 must maintain a 2.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average.

Florida Effective Access to Student Education Grant (EASE)

Renewable for up to 9 semesters. 学生 must have earned 24 credit hours during the prior year and maintain a 2.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average.

Florida Bright Futures 奖学金

Renewable for up to 132 credit hours. 全日制注册的学生必须获得至少24个学分,并保持最低累积GPA为3.0 for a Florida Academic Scholar Award and 2.75 for the Florida Medallion Award. If a student is enrolled part time for any part of the academic year, the student must earn a prorated number of credit hours.

Florida Student Assistance Grant

Renewable for up to 9 semesters. 学生 must have earned 24 credit hours during the prior year and maintain a 2.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average.

Federal Financial 援助 and Grants

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Federal Title IV financial aid, which includes Federal Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, 直接贷款(学生和家长)和联邦勤工助学计划可续期,只要学生在年度审查期间达到令人满意的学业进步标准.

As long as a student meets both the Quantitative Requirement and Qualitative Requirement, a student will be eligible for federal funds.

Quantitative Requirement:

  1. 最长时间限制——联邦法规允许学生尝试完成学业所需的150%的学分. 埃克德学院要求126个学分来满足毕业要求,因此学生可以尝试最多189个学分,并获得联邦援助. This includes all transfer credit hours.
  2. 完成率——学生必须至少获得埃克德学院67%的学时. 完成你的埃克尔德学院学位所接受的转学时数将包括在尝试和完成时数中.

At the time of review, any grades reported as I (incomplete), W (withdrawn), or F Grades will be counted as attempted courses (not completed). 重复的课程包括尝试和完成的课程,并包括在MTL计算中. Any grade changes after the SAP calculation has been processed, 除非被认为是行政或教员错误,否则将不会在下一次审查期间计算.

Qualitative Requirement:

学生 must meet the minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) which is 2.0 for all class standings. 平均绩点只计算在埃克德学院学习的课程,不包括其他学院的成绩.


Satisfactory Academic Progress Review:

Satisfactory Academic Progress is reviewed at the end of the academic year. 未完成定量和/或定性要求的SAP学生在下一次审核前将没有资格获得任何联邦财政援助.

没有达到SAP的GPA或CR要求的学生将有机会上诉, 如果得到批准, will allow them to receive Federal, institutional and possibly State aid. MTL is not eligible for an appeal.

学生 who fail to meet the SAP standards for GPA or CR may submit a written appeal. The appeal MUST include:

  • 一份来自学生的个人陈述,概述了禁止该学生达到令人满意的学业进步的情有可依的情况. 减罪情节的例子可能包括但不限于医疗问题(学生或家庭), death in the family, 等.
  • Documentation of extenuating circumstance to support student’s statement
  • 学术计划,解决学生如何计划在即将到来的学年在学术上更成功

If an appeal is approved, 只要学生满足上诉的条件,直到他们达到SAP标准, they will continue to receive aid. If a student does not meet the conditions of the appeal, 助学金将被终止,直到学生达到满意的学业进展标准,才有资格获得助学金